Bär Tiger Wolf

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  • Leading in a crisis

    Kunde: Procter & Gamble Agentur: Bär Tiger Wolf Produktion: Bär Tiger Wolf In 1914 the plans of Ernest Shackleton’s ambitious polar expedition were suddenly thwarted. His leadership style and handling of the crisis is an inspiration to this day. Diesen Film gibt es auch auf Deutsch. See also: „Leading out of a crisis“.

  • Bär Tiger Wolf

    Leading out of a crisis

    Kunde: Procter & Gamble Agentur: Bär Tiger Wolf Produktion: Bär Tiger Wolf What does it mean to be and work in „crisis mode“?   We discovered a story that has become a kind of mirror for us: Am I just seeing what has been taken away from me? Or do I see what I have in […]

  • The little big city

    client: Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Tübingen mbH (WIT) agency: Bär Tiger Wolf production: Bär Tiger Wolf Could you tell in just one minute what makes Tübingen so unique? The new image film of our little big swabian city takes up precisely this challenge. The video plays with the dialectic that characterises Tübingen: old and young, traditional and modern, science […]

  • Premium Solution Partner

    Kunde: Atlassian Pty Ltd. Agentur: Bär Tiger Wolf Produktion: Bär Tiger Wolf Atlassian entwickelt Tools, die es Softwareentwicklern leichter macht ihre Ideen und Projekte zu verwirklichen. Teil ihres Partner-Programmes ist auch das Software-Startup k15t aus Stuttgart. In unserem kleinen Firmenporträt erzählen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern die Success Story. „Great Result. Bar Tiger Wolf created for us a […]

  • Adventures in Print (EN)

    A lovingly designed pop-up book and a charming poem immerse the viewer in five scenes in the „adventures in print“.

  • Push Boundaries

    "We wanted a film that was different from the usual and that inspires to tackle projects together. " Dr. H. Groß, Director New Business & Technology, Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH