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Jira without borders


k15t Software are the developers of Backbone, a program that adds useful functions to the project management software JIRA. So the brief was to create a film that would come across as cool as the software developer themselves.

„What impressed us most about working with Bär Tiger Wolf on the Backbone project was the fact that their team was able to take a highly technical topic, grasp it quickly, and then build it into an engaging narrative complete with a clever metaphor. We’re thrilled with the result.“

Davin Pukulis, Director of Marketing, K15t Software

Client: K15t Software

Agency: Bär Tiger Wolf

Concept & production: Bär Tiger Wolf

Author: Theo Eißler

Art direction, illustration & motion design: Marc Böttler

Sound design: Gerd Böttler

Translation: Phil Nelson

Voice over: Sean Daeley

Project lead: Ulrike Schaal

© 2017 Bär Tiger Wolf 

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