Bär Tiger Wolf Corporate Storytelling

What’s the future made of?


Ensinger may be a middle-sized company, but they are anything but middle-of-the-road. This family-owned company has been setting standards in the manufacture of highly specialised plastics for exactly 50 years. So to mark the anniversary, they wanted a promotional film that was also anything but ordinary.

„It’s not just Wilfried Ensinger who is portrayed very well in the film, we find. Overall too, Bär Tiger Wolf has painted an accurate and entertaining picture of what we at Ensinger stand for.“

Roland Reber, Managing Director Ensinger GmbH, Nufringen

Client: Ensinger GmbH

Agency: Bär Tiger Wolf

Text & conzept: Theo Eißler

Illustration: Marc Böttler, Michael Böttler

Music & sound design: Gerd Böttler

Translation: Phil Nelson

Voice over: Andreas Malessa

Project lead: Ulrike Schaal

© 2016 Bär Tiger Wolf 

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