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eat what you need e.V.

A short explanatory film for the non-profit association "Eat What You Need e.V.", which advises people with cancer on nutritional issues.


We wanted to take the patients' situation seriously, but still communicate with lightness. That's why we created a neutral character design without defined facial features and use bold colors - as you would expect from food. In addition, we used music that does not push itself into the foreground but still creates an arc of tension.

We hope our little film helps "Eat What You Need" in their work and contributes to improving the situation of many people.

Kunde: eat what you need e.V.

Agentur: Bär Tiger Wolf GmbH

Concept: Theo Eißler, Marc Böttler, Michael Böttler

Illustrations, animation: Michael Böttler

Music, sound design: Gerd Böttler

Voice: Andreas Hackel

Project management: Ulrike Schaal

© 2018 Bär Tiger Wolf 

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