Bär Tiger Wolf Corporate Storytelling

The story of the fisherman

Human IT

Every company is sitting on mountains of data. But how is it possible to filter out precisely the information that they need most? With InfoZoom, a software developed by the Fraunhofer Institute, users are now no longer left fishing in the dark.

The film explains the complex software with a clear and simple metaphor. Indeed the story of a fisherman with characters created out of data textures gets straight to the heart of the core benefit and uniqueness of the InfoZoom software. And does so in such a way that not just IT people can easily grasp it.

„We searched an easy analogy for our software. Bär Tiger Wolf found it.“

Stephan Hofer, Marketing/PR, humanIT Software GmbH

Winner of the international Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2012.


Hier gibt es die deutsche Version dieses Films zu sehen.

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Behind the Scenes

Client: humanIT Software GmbH

Agency & Production: Bär Tiger Wolf

Author: Theo Eißler

Direction & animation: Marc Böttler

Music & Sound design: Thomas Eifert

Project leading: Ulrike Schaal

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