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The story of flight


The IPO.Log software enables the visualization and optimization of complex manufacturing and assembly processes and as such is unique worldwide. Although the software is already being used by large corporations such as Volkswagen or Siemens, the manufacturer has difficulty explaining to users the core benefit and key differentiator of the product in simple, understandable terms.


“Our aim is to make IPO.Log the global standard among planning tools. To achieve this we are looking for a communication tool that is understood internationally, that appeals equally to various target groups, and that positions us favorably with customers as an innovative specialist within the space of a few minutes.”
A short film, as entertaining as it is informative, that captures the product’s core benefit in a single concise metaphor.

The story of aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal. It perfectly transports the video’s target message, which had previously been formulated in a workshop with the manufacturer: If you can’t visualize, you’re stuck with laborious trial and error.

The story is brought to life by the animation. The most striking feature of the design concept is that the characters are considerably reduced in shape and detail. The scenery stands in stark contrast to this: rich in detail, with a high degree of realism and hidden gags, it creates an exciting stage for the main character, Otto, and gives the audience a generous helping of “eye candy”.


The commercial has become an elementary component of IPO.Log’s product communication. As CEO Matthias Kellermann says: “We’re thrilled – at the film itself and the impression it leaves.” As they have shared the video online and offline, employees and customers have become multipliers, ambassadors and a volunteer sales force for the product. The marketing department has borrowed design elements of the film for presentations, mailings and acquisition presentations. The video has enabled IPO.Log to extend its reach, generate concrete interest, charge the manufacturer’s brand with positive emotions and realize substantially higher sales of the product.

Winner of the interational Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014

Winner of the Communicator Awards 2015
– Film/Video: Corporate Image EXCELLENCE
– Online Video


More pictures and details: Behind the Scenes

Hier gibt es die deutsche Version des IPO.Log Films zu sehen.

Client: IPO.Plan GmbH

Agency: Bär Tiger Wolf GmbH

Konzeption & Produktion: Bär Tiger Wolf

Author: Theo Eißler

Illustration: Marc Böttler and Michael Böttler

Animation: Marc Böttler

Music & Sounddesign: Gerd Böttler

Project lead: Ulrike Schaal

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