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Push Boundaries


How does a leading mid-sized company talk about innovation?
In a joint workshop, the formula was summarized: “Breakthroughs will only be achieved by those who are able to push boundaries.” This is exactly what Schunk proves – with highly innovative products and solutions in the field of carbon and ceramics. The aim of the video is to enter into dialogue with various target groups about innovation projects in the field of new product development.

„We wanted a film that was different from the usual and that inspires to tackle projects together. You and we were very successful in that. Thank you very much for your work and the beautiful result.“

Dr. Hartmut Groß, Director New Business & Technology, Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbH

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Client: Schunk Carbon Technology

Agency: Bär Tiger Wolf

Text: Theo Eißler

Visual Concept: Martin Speidel

Art Direction, Animation & Compositing: Johannes Flick

Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics: Michael Böttler

Music, SFX & Mastering: Manuel Mayer

Voice Over: Tom Zahner

Project Lead: Ulrike Schaal

© 2019 Bär Tiger Wolf

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