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The little big city

Stadt Tübingen

Could you tell in just one minute what makes Tübingen so unique? The new image film of our little big swabian city takes up precisely this challenge.The video plays with the dialectic that characterises Tübingen: old and young, traditional and modern, science and business. Because Tübingen is never just one thing, but surprisingly always different.


See the original German version here:
Die kleine große Stadt

Client: WIT Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Tübingen mbH

Agency: Bär Tiger Wolf GmbH

Concept, text & direction: Tim Steffan (Bär Tiger Wolf)

Cut: Tim Steffan (Bär Tiger Wolf)

Camera: Till Beckert

Camera assistant: Adrian Huber, Peter Jäger, Nils Gabelgaard

Music und Sounddesign: Manuel Mayer

Speaker: Sabine Weithöner (LTT)

Color correction: Peter Hacker

VFX: Johannes Flick (Bär Tiger Wolf)

Animation: Marc Böttler (Bär Tiger Wolf)

Producer: Ulrike Schaal, Oliver Rinker (Bär Tiger Wolf)

Production lead: Ulrike Schaal (Bär Tiger Wolf)

© 2019 Bär Tiger Wolf

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